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PT Saka Farma Laboratories (Kalbe Consumer Health)


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Lowongan Kerja– Berikut ini kami informasikan terkait PT Saka Farma Laboratories (Kalbe Consumer Health), yang kami dapatkan dari berbagai sumber terpercaya hanya untuk anda

Loker Terbaru– Cikal bakal Perusahaan dimulai di Semarang pada tahun 1956 dengan kegiatan usaha perdagangan obat-obatan & kebutuhan farmasi lainnya, seiring makin berkembangnya perusahaan maka tahun 1960 didirikan PT Sakafarma Sehat dengan kegiatan usaha memproduksi & memasarkan obat-obatan produksinya tsb. Perkembangan perusahaan terus membaik seiiring dengan perjalanan waktu hingga memasuki era tahun 1990 yang persaingannya semakin kompetitif.

Mengingat pasar yang semakin berkembang & persaingan industri farmasi yang kian ketat, maka pada tahun 1997 perusahaan menggandeng PT Kalbe Farma Tbk yaitu perusahaan farmasi terbesar di Tanah Air yang memiliki kompetensi dalam industri tsb untuk bekerjasama meningkatkan kinerja perusahaan dan perusahaan berubah nama menjadi PT Sakafarma Laboratories. Pada akhir Agustus 2009, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (KLBF) menguasai seluruh kepemilikan PT Saka Farma Laboratories.

Untuk mengimbangi perkembangan bisnis perusahaan, kami mengundang kandidat yang bersemangat, kompeten dan berdedikasi tinggi untuk bergabung dengan tim kami.

Station: Head Office, North Jakarta

1. Financial Planning & Analyst Manager

What You Will Need ?

  • Experience in multi-national company and FMCG industry is mandatory and having experience in manufacture / production setting will be preferred
  • Have strong analytical, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills required
  • High level of proficiency with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint skills and comfortable working within a consolidation software system
  • English – fluent in spoken, writing and reading
  • Ability to understand broader business issues
  • Think creatively, highly-driven, self-motivated and highly organized
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member with excellent interpersonal skill
  • Major skill:
    • Reading & analysis financial statement
    • Financial modelling work
    • Strategic Financial Planning
    • Budgeting, forecasting
    • Project management
    • Communication and presentation skills
    • Commercial awareness
    • Time management
    • Taxation
  • Willing to be placed in in Head Office Sunter, North Jakarta

2. Internal Communication & Corp Sustainability

Job Responsibility:

  1. The aim of Internal Communication isto keep employees connected and informed, and to create a shared understanding of company goals, values, and guidelines.
  2. The aim of Corporate Sustainability is to implement sustainability initiatives in the field of SEHAT pillars (see point E) to support the achievement of the company’s reputation and have a positive impact on the community


  1. Min Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines, Communications major is preferred
  2. Have experience in internal communication and sustainability/CSR or related field
  3. Experience, including drafting and publishing of written and audio-visual content
  4. Understanding of international sustainability references; SDG, ISO 2600, GRI, POJK 51, RAN Bappenas, SASB will be an advantage
  5. Have the ability to facilitate, analyze, adapt, build working relationships, continuous learning, negotiation, planning & organizing, good time-management, self-leadership, as well as encouragement to achieve optimal work quality.
  6. Understanding of various channels of internal communication
  7. Understanding of social mapping and SROI will be an advantage
  8. Strong project management and communication skills
  9. Willing to be placed in Sunter, North Jakarta

3. Digital Business Analyst

Job Responsibility:

  1. To manage all projects related to the assigned area. It includes supporting the maintenance of the system
  2. Identifying opportunities to improve current processes
  3. Actas Co-Project Manager to ensure project delivered as targeted timeline


  1. Bachelor Degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, or equivalent
  2. Minimum 1 years working experience in a similar position or related industry
  3. Have knowledge about System Design Documentation Method and using that tools e.g Enterprise Architecture
  4. Familiar with data analytics tool and various of use case diagram
  5. Excellent troubleshooting skills to identify problems from a functional perspective, specifically when supporting end-user testing and training
  6. Strong understanding of business process in assigned area
  7. Strong communication, leadership, analytical thinking and presentation skill
  8. Having experience in leading project implementation is an advantage
  9. Willing to be placed in Head Office Sunter, North Jakarta

4. IT ERP Functional

Job Responsibility:

  1. Handlingincidents in the daily operations of Oracle ERP application modules
  2. Accommodating requests for changes to Oracle ERP application modules
  3. Coordinate with users for program initiatives and incident handling
  4. Coordinate with internal IT Team and Corporate IT


  1. Must have atleast Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology/Information System.
  2. Have experience in operating business application (open for fresh graduate)
  3. Required skills : SQL, ERP Finance Operations
  4. Possess good communication, proactive and agile.
  5. Willing to be placed in Sunter, North Jakarta

5. Internal Audit

Job Responsibilities :

  • Conduct a risk management cycle that includes risk identification, risk assessment, and ensuring that mitigation action plans are completely implemented.
  • Responsible for internal audit cycle in the following areas: commercial, manufacturing, purchasing, human resources, and other business support functions
  • Develop internal audit plan including working paper for the audit
  • Carry out all audit fieldwork that is required
  • Ensure that audit results are reported to management in a complete, accurate, and timely manner
  • Monitor the implementation of audit recommendations
  • Maintain risk register and fraud register
  • Conduct ad hoc reviews/investigations as needed by the business

Job Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or financial management
  • 2 years of work experience in an internal auditing or risk management environment is required
  • Have experience in the FMCG or pharmaceutical industries (preferable)
  • Have high integrity and self-discipline
  • A good problem solver with good understanding on business process
  • Have good communication and collaboration skills
  • Meticulous and attention to detail with the ability to multi-task
  • Willing to travel

Station: Site Cikarang

6. Product Development Supervisor


  1. Candidate must posses at least Bachelor Degree in Apothecary
  2. Minimum 2 years working experience in a similar position or related industry
  3. Have knowledge of formulations/pharmaceuticals, experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, able to work well with various parties (internal/external)
  4. Good communication, decision making, analytical thinking, and problem solving skill
  5. Willing to be placed in GIIC Cikarang, West Java

7. Technical Support Supervisor

Job Responsibility:

  1. Ensuring the Technology Transfer Project runs well on Manufacture Site and Toll Out
  2. Trial in production (internal toll out), related to RM diversification, machine changes, trouble shooting, develop existing products to make them more robust and efficient
  3. Independentin carrying out laboratory trials (provision of RM stock, weighing, evaluation and reports)


  1. Candidate must posses at least Bachelor Degree in Apothecary
  2. Minimum 1 years working experience in a similar position or related industry
  3. Experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, able to work well with various parties
  4. Good communication, decision making, analytical thinking, and problem solving skill
  5. Willing to be placed in GIIC Cikarang, West Java

8. Quality Control Supervisor

Job Responsibility:

  1. Perform IPC analysis
  2. Ensure the schedule for taking samples of raw materials and packaging materials according to the timeline
  3. Analysis of finished products according to procedures
  4. Ensure the test results according to the lead time
  5. Ensure QC operations take place according to procedures and lead times


  1. Must havea Pharmacist Competency Certificate
  2. Have relevant experience min. 2 years
  3. Able to operate instruments in QC lab (HPLC/GC/Spektrophotometer/AAS)
  4. Have adequate knowledge regarding the pharmaceutical product, validation of analytical methods, analysisin the lab. Microbiology and Physical Chemistry
  5. Willing to be placed in GIIC Cikarang, West Java

9. General Affair Supervisor

What You Will Do?

  • Ensure the smooth running of the operations of the Public Service by ensuring that all activities of the Public Service are carried out correctly, including the administration and development of human resources.
  • Ensuring smooth licensing processes with related institutions by registering building and infrastructure permits and monitoring the maturity of these permits with time limits and requirements in accordance with applicable regulations
  • Ensuring that the company’s buildings and infrastructure are always in good condition and well-maintained by carrying out regular inspections and supervising the repair process

What You Will Need?

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in any disciplines
  • Minimum 2 years experience in relevant field
  • Have knowledge about CPOB / cGMP
  • Have knowledge about B3 and non-B3 waste processing
  • Advance Microsoft Office
  • Proactive
  • Have great Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving and Negotiation Skill
  • Excellence in Project management skill, and is detail-oriented
  • Willing to be placed in GIIC, Deltamas, Cikarang

10. Warehouse Operator

Job Responsibility:

  1. Make a material preparation
  2. Carry out the process of checking the stock of materials
  3. Perform material acceptance procedures
  4. Perform material handover processes for weighing and production teams
  5. Implementing 5R


  1. Minimum high school graduate majoring in Science, Pharmacy or equivalent
  2. Have at least 1 year work experience in the same field
  3. Have strong basic calculating skills
  4. Understand basic warehousing and applicable quality, environmental, and occupational safety & health management standards.
  5. Able to operate and perform maintenance on weighing equipment
  6. Understand the basics of GMP and/or CDOB
  7. Having SIO is a plus
  8. Conscientious, honest, and disciplined
  9. Willing to work shifts
  10. Willing to be placed in GIIC Cikarang, West Java


Itulah informasi terkait PT Saka Farma Laboratories (Kalbe Consumer Health), yang bisa kami sajikan untuk kamu

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